Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Well, kids, I promised to deliver Volume 8 within 2 weeks of the book's release, but then hurricane Sandy hit and compromised my access to both the internet and the necessary scans.  I actually got the book early, too, so that's irony for ya.  I work 12-hour days during the week, so I won't be able to have the entry up until this weekend.

Hopefully, I can quell any feelings of rage and betrayal by pointing you towards some ridiiiiiculous cells and transcripts that have suddenly surfaced for that ill-fated Toonmakers Sailor Moon animated series.

Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about?  This is required viewing for all fans.  Oh, you do know what I'm talking about but had buried the memory deep into the darkest pit of your psyche?  Time to stop the denial.
You know you want to see quality animation cells like this one of Mercury in her wheelchair-hang glider-spaceship-hair salon:
And you know you want to read excerpts from the ALL-CAPS, typo-ridden script.  So do yourself a favor and check out Sailor Moon News (there are several posts about these things) and this topic in the Genvid forum.
On second thought, this might just increase your feelings of rage and betrayal...


  1. It's ok, I definitely understand. =) Just whenever is fine! ^^

    And oh my God, I can't believe stuff from this is finally surfacing. O_____O I don't know whether to be horrified or secretly happy...

    1. Thanks for your patience!

      If the pilot episode is ever released, I'm sure I will wet myself from laughing so hard as I watch it. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

  2. No worries, I understand as well. And this works out since I think this is a worthy thing to post about anyway.

    But I have to ask, can you at least give us a teaser for the review and tell us whether you're really happy, disappointed, or inbetween with volume 8?

    1. I think it's an improvement over the previous one, namely because there are way less grammatical errors / typos / other sloppy mistakes. Unfortunately, it does contain the serious boo-boo DEATH RIBBON REVOLUTION which is unacceptable any way you slice it.

    2. That's good to know at least! :) And agreed. It just seems like we're never going to have a completely good volume. To be honest I've pretty much given up hope on it, but I'll continue to keep an eye on future releases and any reprints/possible omnibuses. (if only for your amazing reviews lol)

  3. So the weekend went by without any volume 8 posting. I won't ask why since I'm sure something must have happened to cause the delay and as such I understand. I am curious when to expect it though, this weekend perhaps?

  4. Hi, I just met your blog and I love, your photographs are beautiful! so I'm following you!, good luck in your projects and lots of kisses and hugs! I invite you to stop by my blog if you fancy following me!

  5. Is the blog dead for good or will you still update at some point? I understand if it's taking a while due to being busy or what not but I do hope you'll finish at some point, since I still think you have the best reviews of the new versions. x3

    1. Hi! I suppose this blog is pretty dead. I really enjoyed it at first, and then it started becoming sort of a chore to do. However, I'm going to be on summer break very soon, so I might come back to it. It IS a shame for me to just abandon this blog when the manga is nearly finished.

      I guess my short is answer is: check back on occasion, and maybe you will see something new.

      Thanks for your compliment!

    2. Hi! Sorry my reply is late, I kinda gave up on a reply but was pleasantly surprised to see one when I had an unexplainable urge to check for some reason, haha. But I was afraid of that. I definitely understand it though, so even if you don't no worries. Hopefully one of the other reviewers will pick it back up at some point but it appears a lot of them got tired after the seventh volume, lol. But okay, I will do! And you're very welcome. :)

  6. I dunno how much it would help, but if you do decide to try doing some more would skipping around or doing V make a difference? Like with V you would have less work to do since you would only have to compare between the original Japanese and Kodansha, or you could do a future volume that has more/less to comment on, or of an arc you like more or something. I dunno, just throwing that out there.

  7. Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on the Sailor V releases (since you never did reviews for them), the volumes that have come out since your last review, and the release of the series as a whole now? I thought it'd be nice to at least have a small summary of thoughts if we can't get a review, haha.

  8. Where have you been? I know you don't do volume comparisons anymore, but Crystal is finally going to premiere, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter got their Japanese VAs recasted, and Viz licensed both the new and old anime (yes, Stars, specials, and dinosaur episode included) and is doing an uncut redub. I would think at least one of those things would warrant a blog.
    xo A fan who misses you and hopes to hear from you again soon xo

  9. I know the blog owner no longer posts and my comment probably won't be read by anybody, but, man... As a non-Japanese speaker who's at the mercy of translators I appreciate the comparisons between the new translation and the original Japanese, but it's a shame it has to be marred by an intense desire to insult William Flanagan at every opportunity.

    Even after acknowledging that he was part of a team (and posting another team member's comment about the time-crunch they were under), the blog author continues to call Mr. Flanagan out by name repeatedly, as if he were entirely responsible for the finished product. (If you've never heard of Schadenfreude, look it up.)

    I can only assume the blog author has never worked in publishing and has never done freelance work on a short timetable as part of a team. This definitely feels like a hasty "once-over" translation with no time for someone (eg the editor) to go back and "polish" afterward. (I know enough Japanese to know a lot of the "awkward" language is due to the kinds of overly-literal translations one would expect on a first pass.) Flanagan's post was free of the "errors" the blog author derives so much pleasure from fretting over; he clearly knows how to speak English.

    One is left to assume the translation suffered because people weren't given enough time to do as good a job as they (and we) would have liked. The fact that they said so themselves backs up that conclusion. (I didn't need them to tell me, though - I could tell when I read it.)

    If that's the case, it's not the translator's "fault", nor the editor's. It's the "fault" of whoever (or whatever) decided the timetable for this project.

    Of course, it's probably more "fun" to trash a person rather than acknowledge that a product is the result of something as amorphous as a "situation" for which no one person is at fault.

    Freelancers have to decide if they're willing (or can afford) to "donate" time to a project to "perfect" it. Are you willing to be paid an hourly wage of...$2? $1? 45 cents? Then you can take as long as you want. If you're given a one-week deadline, you can choose to work 24 hours a day that week if you want to. Not everyone has that luxury.

    After doing freelance work for a few years, it would be understandable if the desire to make things "perfect" became "tempered" (not "tapered" as the blog author said in a post) by the desire to sleep and have enough money to buy food.

    If the blog author has never been in this position, I can understand why. Seeing the type of attitude she has, I certainly wouldn't want to work with her. (I don't think I'd want to be one of her students, either. Who knows what she says about them behind their backs?)

    For example, she insulted Mr. Flanagan for using the phrase "dumb bunny" because she "hardly think[s] 'dumb bunny' is an insult" - which, of course, it is, and a very common and well-known one at that - then insulted him for mis-transliterating "Sparkling Wide Pressure" when "he could have GOOGLED IT". "Googling" "dumb bunny" would reveal that it was an intentional (and rather clever) pun on "baka Usagi", not an "amateur translation error".

    One might wonder why a person would buy English translations of books they already own (and can read) in Japanese. I'm sure there are many reasons. Wanting to altruistically point out "issues" that could hinder people's understanding of the story is a good reason. Using it as an opportunity to publicly trash someone is not.